Monday, September 15, 2008

stompbox - stress

released in 1994

these boys from the town of beans throw down some soundgarden meets helmet meets clutch

this was the band's only full length...also releasing some 7" and an ep called travis (which some of the material got re-recorded for this album)

and some folks would say that the "band" disturbed stole the guitar riff from the song "no woods"...go and listen to "down with the sickness" be the judge (come on now...if you really wanted to get rid of the would've done more than just bury it in your basement under concrete)


whatever that means...


Anonymous said...

These guys slay. Fyi, these guys later became Slower, and then Chevy Heston. Saw these guys with Tree and Roadsaw back in the day. Btw, how about some Tree?

Anonymous said...

THANX!! MANY MANY MANY THANX FOR THAT! Its HARD TO FIND STUFF, especially from czech republic.

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