Monday, September 15, 2008

kittens - bazooka and the hustler

released in 1997

these canadians provide the soundtrack for a slumber party over at unsane's house

sounding like a very angry buzz osbourne fronting the jesus lizard and fighting helmet while tag teaming godheadsilo

enough am rep-isms for you?

while together....they released ten albums (from 1992-1998)...members have since went on to play in bands KEN mode and hide your daughters

drummer david kelly passed away back in march of this year


Gray said...

hiiiiiiiighly underrated band.

Anonymous said...

Highly underated, and how. Sooo good. The first thing I heard from these folx was a song called 'Carpenter' on a mixtape I had years ago. I still have my scratched to shit copy of this in a box in storage somewhere. Thanks for the upload, yet again. I really love this blog, and I can't believe the impeccable taste you beautiful bastards have. Fucking brilliant.

Jessmode said...

Just recently discovered your blog here...good shit man. Glad to see people giving Kittens props.
You have some impeccable taste.

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