Saturday, September 27, 2008

shellac w/ david yow - 10.31.98 - lounge axe - chicago,il

this was a surprise show they did of all sex pistols covers

yow as rotten...rotten as yow...

you ever see them in the same room together?

ever get the feeling you've been cheated?

1 - holiday in the sun
2 - bodies
3 - pretty vacant
4 - i'm a lazy sod
5 - submission
6 - pills
7 - anarchy in the uk
8 - god save the queen


HamWarmer said...

I appreciate this!

ipecac said...

and i appreciate warm hams

Pinky Royale said...

Thanks a bunch! A match made in a dirty, needle-strewn alley.

I.Am.Your.Father said...

Thanks alot for this sharing, and for this blog, I got to read more, but it's exactly what I need !

One Million Thanks !


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