Saturday, September 27, 2008

the flying luttenbachers - retrospektiw III

released in 1998

"what I am interested in is creating an abstract music with superhuman qualities. i'm trying to realize a medium in which i can attempt to transcend the mediocrity of the human condition that surrounds me."
- drummer and only constant member weasel walter

and with a name such as could very well picture drunk clowns riding bicycles across a tightrope trying to fend off invisible bees with chainsaws least that's what the music would portray

this is what would happen if mr. bungle...naked city...and captain beefheart would ever to collaborate on an album

improvised noise rock free jazz death abstractions

a jackson pollock painting set to music

this is a compilation of live stuff along with various other materials the band released as splits and comp stuff

set to puree...

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