Friday, September 5, 2008

Creeps On Candy - Wonders Of Giardia

Year: 1995
Label: Alternative Tentacles

I enjoyed the band Dead And Gone, they were an East Bay band balls deep in the fabled Gilman Street scene of the time, but their music was darker and more sinister than the standard poppy punk, or faux crust (Total Chaos, I'm looking at you...) that seemed the rage in Oakland. The members had served time in Blatz, Jack Acid, Filth, and Talk Is Poison
For whatever reasons, Dead And Gone went away, and then reformed with a new singer as Creeps On Candy, eschewing some of the more Neurosis tendancies of the former band for a more Laughing Hyenas meets Die Kreuzen meets Jesus Lizard styled moody assault. The bass is right out front, the guitar is prone to slide around riffs, and the vocals have that distorted deadpan delivery (when he isn't screaming, that is). This was their only release, as Dead And Gone got back together in 2000.

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