Thursday, September 4, 2008

Cutthroats 9 - Anger Management

Year: 2001
Label: Reptilian

The last record Cutthroat 9 put out before Chris Spencer was called back home to Unsane, and they make quick work of it. Technically, it's a 10"ep, so before you even know what hit you, it's all over.
It might be heresy, but for my money, this Chris Spencer led power trio is better than that other Chris Spencer led power trio. They are meaner, faster, harder, and more destructive. The songs are animals, wild fucking animals. Wild animals that want nothing more than to buttfuck you in front of your woman. And that's a shitty thing for an animal to want to do. Why would this animal be so spiteful? What did you do to this wild animal to cause such a reaction? I'm not trying to cast dispertions, but maybe you should look into vegetarianism as a lifestyle change to thwart any future beastial sodomy (which, p.s. will be the name of my new band...Bestial Sodomy...fuck you, I thought of it first). 
I'm just sayin'.


ipecac said...

you know...there's always been a tiny part of me that's wanted to be ned beatty

thanks you for getting me one step closer

Manel said...

"deliverance" and unsane references add some extra points for this cool blog

thanks guys for so many great music!
can I make a recommendation?
Young Widows from Louisville. fucking awesome trio.
keep up the good work!

MLQLZA said...

i've been looking for this one forever. thanks.

Gray said...

well, i'm glad the anal sex references didn't fall on deaf ears.

i have some young widows, and maybe i'll get around to posting some of their older stuff, but generally speaking i'm not one to post brand new albums by bands that are still actively out there trying to make a living off of music. granted, i do post records by current bands on i'm not completely consistent on this point.

glad you're checking in on the site though, and stay tuned, there's plenty more to come.

ipecac said...

anal sex references never fall on a deaf anything

not in these here parts

Manel said...

it seems like I´ll be hanging around this space for a little while:
I downloaded Cutthroats 9 and JJ Paradise Players and was completely blown away by both records.
C9 was no surprise, since I´m a huge Unsane fan. Never had the chance to put my hands on this record tho, and somehow left it as a minor side project from my man Chris Spencer.
But JJ´s record struck like a totally unexpected bomb. It made me think of a more varied version of Zeke

I´m glad you guys know Young Widows (and "Deliverance") and totally understand your point. Just in case you want to know about mine: I download music in order to select those records that I think deserve my money (mostly vinyl). I definitely spent way too much money in records, so I´m totally cool on downloading stuff :)

here´s a little present you might enjoy

Unwound - Dollar Pub (Toulouse) - 01/06/99 (Very good sound quality!)

peace out!

Gray said...

i'm glad you're digging the music.
and thanks for the unwound live show, i think i used to have this somewhere...maybe. unwound was almost untouchable at one point, and if this is the show i'm thinking, i might make an official post of it on the blog. people need to worship at the feet of unwound!

thanks again, and let us know if there's stuff you're looking for, we can try and get it up.

Manel said...

I´m not sure if you already posted some stuff about them, but:

Gray said...

Colossamite? check
Bastro? check
Chokebore? check
Kepone? I'll see what I can do...

Keep posted.

Manel said...

awesome! it´ll take a while to dig into the blog since there´s a lot of interesting stuff.
one of the coolest blogs out there, fellas. BIG UP!

dgen said...

im surprised I havent seen any Will Haven stuff being posted, or
Guzzard, being from mpls I have an assload of defunct noiserock and amrep stuff, just say the word..
werd, i love this blog :)

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