Friday, August 29, 2008

Todd - Comes To Your House

Year: 2006
Label: Southern

The record label describes this as, "black hell-noise riffage". Sure. It's bombastic. It features a member of Hammerhead. There's a cameo by Eugene Robinson of Oxbow. It throws a blanket over your head, and proceeds to pound in your skull with a ball peen hammer. They are from London, yet sound like they crawled out of some rust belt town circa 1990. They supposedly formed at the request of 4AD to be the opening band on a "secret" Breeders show in London. I can only imagine how bummed that crowd was.

Listen to this very very loudly and often.


drew said...

do you happen to have LOOSE LIPS SINK SHIPS and/or PURITY PLEDGE by todd? either or both would be great. this blog is really great, i just stumbled upon it. thanks.

gray said...

i will post purity pledge soon.


drew said...

thanks brother

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