Saturday, August 30, 2008

Enemymine - The Ice In Me

Year: 2000
Label: Up

Most notable as being the band "Mike Kunka's band after Godheadsilo", and chances are, if you like Godheadsilo, you'll like Enemymine. It's a drummer and two bassists, with Kunka's bass sounding pretty convincing as a guitar. It's got slightly more indie rock nods than Godheadsilo, but the majority of the record crushes and kills rather than soothes and pets. 
There was an ep before this (featuring Zak Salley of Low on bass), and a split with Vaz. I have the ep and can post that if folks want it. After this band Kunka went on to Dead Low Tide and Smoke And Smoke which we shall cover in future posts.


Lo-Res Viscera said...

Highly underrated record -great post!

Hey Ipecac - Congrats on quitting Lucid - "the milk's gone bad"...

ipecac said...

and i didn't like the moustache anymore

scotg said...

this is a great album. everything mike kunka has been associated with has been siiick.

ARXELAOS said...



moesgaard said...

Hey, sure would appreciate the EP, if you can post it, thanks a lot for this one already!

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