Wednesday, August 20, 2008

toadies - pleather

released in 1993

this ep is the reason the band got signed to interscope records (who released their debut album rubberneck)

this really has a pixies feel to it (which on an earlier single they'd released themselves on tour in 1991...pixies bass player kim deal after having heard it said that it sounded "just like us")

before this...the band had only put out a few self-released cassette eps and a few singles

all but two songs were re-recorded for their full length (at 6:31 into the last song...there's an instrumental called "cookout" which later became the basis for the song "i burn")


scotg said...

sweet! this is the only release by them i like.

convertido said...

Damn, they used to play sooo much around Ft. Worth that we would not go to a show if they were on the bill. Lisa the bassist was still one of the coolest people. A great little ep from a band that could have done a lot more. There is a video of Fugazi played at an old club called the Axis and while the Toadies were playing in support some youngster walked in front of the camera and asked the eternal question, "can anyone say Pixies?" Oh, Texas during the 80s. . .

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