Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mannequin - Warps Yr Head

Year: 2004
Label: Reptilian

Mix Bleach era Nirvana with Nevermind era Nirvana, and then throttle up the amps and throttle back the production values and you'll end up with this record. This is what happens when kids grew up in the era of Nirvana, they may try and spend the late 90's in a band like Pg 99 (they did) playing screamy grindcore (they did this as well), but at a certain age they harken back to the music that was on the radio of their youth (which, like it or not, was Nirvana) and start a band that apes those sounds. It happens in every generation, you can't escape it, and these guys do it pretty damn well.

This record is still in print from Reptilian (along with a grip of other great releases), so you really should go buy it if you like it.  


fred said...

Where are these guys from? Are they still around?

Anonymous said...

They are from Virginia, and used to be a band called Page 99. They have since broken up and members have reformed as the band Pygmy Lush

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