Sunday, August 24, 2008

for squirrels - example

released in 1995's REM meets nirvana (the song "mighty K.C." is about kurt cobain...the band's singer also sounds like him in some really comes out in the song "superstar") meets early weezer

a month before the band went on to release this album (their only on a major label) their singer...bass player...and tour manager were killed in an auto accident while the band were traveling back to florida (where they were from) from new york

before this...they'd self-released an album called baypath rd. in 1994

after returning to florida after the accident...guitarist travis tooke and drummer jack griego reformed the band with a friend taking over bass duties and travis taking over vocals

in 1996...the band changed it's name to subrosa...and released only one album (1997's never bet the devil your head) before breaking up

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