Sunday, August 24, 2008

dos - justamente tres

released in 1996

aka "two in spanish"

mike watt (minutemen/fiREHOSE)
kira roessler (black flag)

both bass players

they had met just after kira replaced chuck dukowski as black flag's bass player in 1983

the seed for this band was planted in 1985 as the both of them would sit and play two bass jams in their spare time...but after minutemen vocalist d. boon was killed in a van accident in 1985 mike watt had considered not playing music anymore...and this was kira's way of getting him to continue on...they were sending tapes to one another across the country (kira had went to attend yale in connecticut after leaving black flag...mike was in california)...she returned to california in 1986 to start the band...and they were married in 1987 (divorcing in 1994)

this is just the two of them with their bass'...there are no other instruments...kira takes over the vocals...and they play free jazz...some of the music later got used in fiREHOSE and mike watt solo albums

they've recorded an album and an ep (both of which can be found combined on a compilation called uno con dos released in 1989)...they recorded an album last year that hasn't been released yet


ARXELAOS said...

Nice bass band man..Keep it coming! ;-) Thanks!

Anonymous said...

can you upload this record again please, i haven´t had the chance to heard this band before.
thanks in advance,

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