Monday, May 26, 2008

Young Widows!

Young Widows are one of the few bands carrying on the 90's noise-rock tradition.
Until their vocalist quit, they were called Breather Resist, a hardcore band that I can't really say I care for. Young Widows is nothing like that. This is supreme, modern-day/old-school fashioned noise-rock!
I saw them play in Austin a couple years back. I missed Oxbow to see these guys. It was worth it. Obviously following the tracks laid down by the Jesus Lizard, this 3-piece from Louisville, KY are the closest thing to what I used to go to shows for...

Here are a couple of releases:

Settle Down City (LP, 2006)

Young Widows/Plows (split 7", 2007)


phil said...

the jesus lizard - right down to the stolen t-shirt! nice.

Manel said...

good band, their new record -"Old Wounds", out on Temp. Residence- is so good it makes me want to be Shaquille ONeal

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