Tuesday, May 27, 2008

U-Men singles '87 & '88

Here's two 7"s by late-80's "swamp-o'-billy" noise-rockers from the "birthplace of grunge".

"Solid Action/Dig It A Hole"
(1987) Black Label Records

"Freezebomb/It's Wild About Jack"
(1988) Amphetamine Reptile Records


WebInFront said...

Holy fuck, the U-men. Great blog maaan, my congrats. I'm a fan of the Seattle scene myself, and i was surprised when i saw the sub pop early comps, along with tad, l7 etc.

Damn, even treepeople are included here, what a kick-ass underrated band they were.

Since you're into the underground late '80s,early '90s scene, why don't you upload any Love Battery albums? They were even better than the screaming Trees in my opinion.

Keep up the good work

Davis said...

Yeah! Been looking for this one for a while. Thanks much.


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