Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Treepeople

[1991] Guilt Regret Embarrassment
[1992] Something Vicious For Tomorrow and Time Whore
[1994] Actual Re-Enactment

The Treepeople were a 4-piece "College Rock" band that formed in Boise, Idaho by Doug Martsch (commonly recognized as the frontman for Built to Spill). As far I've seen, you'll either love them, hate them, or listen to them as a guilty pleasure (I'm in the latter pool). Many of their songs are sprinkled with excellent guitar harmonies, and a few power-chorded, somewhat jangly, riffs here and there, with a few hints at possible metal influences in Martsch's guitar playing. Vocal-wise, most of the songs tend to be pretty "nasally", which can take awhile to get over, but I've found their music to be well worth it. "Guilt Regret..." would be a great place to start out of the three, and contains the rawest recordings and the most guitar harmonies; while "Something Vicious..." and "Actual Re-Enactment" tend to be a little more simpler guitar-wise, which doesn't weaken the music--it just matters what appeals to YOU as a listener. As far as I know, The Treepeople didn't get much past college radio play, and broke up shortly after (mid nineties or so), and it shows by their lack of fanbase. This band is awesome, and you should definitely give them a listen.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the first two albums.
For the third one, MEDIAFIRE says that the quickkey is invalid : does someone know what it means ?
Is the link wrong or incomplete ? Or is the file offline ?


fred said...

Shit...sorry it took me so long to respond. I'll try to fix that sometime today or tomorrow.

peskypesky said...

Guilty pleasure my ass! Treepeople fucking rule. Most overlooked band EVER. Well, one of them.

Anonymous said...

thanks for these. i've heard of treepeople for years and have been a built to spill fan since high school, but have yet to give them a listen. today will be that day.

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