Sunday, May 25, 2008

God Bullies

Mama Womb Womb [1989] Amphetamine Reptile Records
Join Satan's Army 2x 7" [1990] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsDog Show [1990] Amphetamine Reptile Records
Tell Me/Creepy People 7" [1990] Anti-Social PropagandaWar On Everybody [1991] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsSelf Injury in Correctional Settings: 'Pathology' of Prisons or Prisoners?
[1991] May 17; Paradise; Amsterdam
How Low Can You Go ?/Ruby (Kenny Rogers) 7"
[1992] Amphetamine Reptile RecordsKill The King [1994] Alternative TentaclesMillineum/I Forgot Where I live 7" [1995] Radial Records
Complications[comp songs]


Anonymous said...

Great Stuff... THRALL albums are really good too!

David Snusgrop said...

Thank you so much for this, I've been looking for Kill The King forever.

I remember hearing it when it first came out and being scared shitless of Pretty On The Inside.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

can you re-up 'Self Injury in Correctional Settings: 'Pathology' of Prisons or Prisoners?' please ?
This would be great

Jez said...

Hey, you forgot the Plastic Eye Miracle EP.

Joel Jackson said...

Hey all, I’m helping Mike to sell off some left over tour merch from: God Bullies, Thrall, TheyNeverSleep, & Mike Hard Show. Please click on the link and search in tshirts and records and let me know what you think. We ship worldwide:

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