Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sub-Pop 100 (1986)

Sub-Pop Records was started by Bruce Pavitt in Olympia, WA. in 1980 as a fanzine called Subterranean Pop (shortened to Sub-Pop after the first issue). Inspired by the cassette fanzine Fast Forward, Sub-Pop began alternating issues with compilation tapes of underground rock bands. There were nine issues of Sub-Pop in all: six magazines and three cassettes (the fifth, seventh, and ninth issues). In 1983, Pavitt moved to Seattle, WA. where Sub-Pop continued life as both a column in the Seattle newspaper, The Rocket, as well as an independent-label specialty show on KCMU.

In 1986, Pavitt released the first
Sub Pop LP: the compilation Sub Pop 100.

1. "Spoken Word Intro Thing" - Steve Albini (0:50)
2. "Greatest Gift" - Scratch Acid (2:03)
3. "Nothin' to Prove" (Live) - Wipers (2:07)
4. "Kill Yr Idols" - Sonic Youth (2:47)
5. "Bananacuda" - Naked Raygun (1:41)
6. "Gila" - U-Men (2:16)
7. "Smile on Your Face" - Dangerous Birds (2:55)
8. "Church in Hell" - Skinny Puppy (3:12)
9. "Go at Full Throttle" - Steve Fisk (2:29)
10. "Itsbeena" - Lupe Diaz (1:14)
11. "Impact Test" - Boy Dirt Car (1:22)
12. "Real Men" - Savage Republic (3:12)
13. "One Day of the Factory" - Shonen Knife (3:55)
14. "Barry White Ending" (0:22)

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Mars said...

I have this on cassette, which I found in a thrift store in Portland, Me a thousand years ago... It has 'sub pop' rubber stamped all over the cassette.

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