Thursday, May 29, 2008

skin graft tribute to ac/dc - sides 1-4 7"


chicago covers australia

1 - shellac - '74 jailbreak (retitled '95 jailbreak)
2 - big'n - tnt
3 - brise-glace - angus dei aus licht (which is just various angus young guitar sounds mixed together)
4 - US maple - sin city

originally released with a comic book sleeve...which cannot be found here


noisebreather said...


James Joyce said...

I remember not getting this because it was so expensive. I'm glad you posted it, but there were at least 2 other AC/DC singles as well. And wasn't there a comp CD of all of them? Thanks for posting it!

Anonymous said...

Cooooool, your blog is awsome. Thanx a lot.
BTW, Big Fat Satanist has got the other volumes of this ACDC covers set...

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