Tuesday, August 27, 2019

v/a - in utero: in tribute

released: 2014
label: robotic empire

remember a few years back when everyone was going ape shit over nirvana's NEVERMIND album turning 20 and then everyone and their mother were releasing some sort of a tribute to it? robotic empire did it as well and called it WHATEVER NEVERMIND. but this isn't that (as you've probably already figured out).

when it comes to IN UTERO i find that it's slightly better than NEVERMIND. don't get me wrong. i still dig it. but NEVERMIND doesn't have "milk it" or "scentless apprentice". but on the other hand IN UTERO doesn't have "territorial pissings" or "endless,nameless" or "breed".

i have a few things to think over.
excuse me.

1 - pygmy lush - serve the servants
2 - circa survive - scentless apprentice
3 - these arms are snakes - heart-shaped box
4 - thursday - rape me
5 - jay reatard - frances farmer will have her revenge on seattle
6 - young widows - dumb
7 - the mean jeans - very ape
8 - thou - milk it
9 - whirr - pennyroyal tea
10 - daughters - radio friendly unit shifter
11 - ceremony - tourette's
12 - black math horseman - all apologies


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