Monday, August 19, 2019

the postman syndrome - terraforming

released: 2002
label: now or never

have you heard of a band called east of the wall?
have you heard of a band called biclops?
have you heard of a band called day without dawn?
then you've heard of the postman syndrome because they're all essentially the same band.
this is the only album the band released before breaking up (there was an album released back in 2010 called GOD RELIEVE OUR GRIEF: A MASOLEUM OF STILLBORN DEMOS) and forming the above mentioned bands.

if you were to see this album in a store somewhere if could very well have one of those stickers that say "if you enjoy (insert band(s) name(s) here) you'll enjoy the postman syndrome" plastered on it (hopefully it would be placed over the cellophane rather than on the actual packaging. i don't know about you but i fucking hate it when they do that. but that's another rant for another time.)

if you enjoy....
king crimson


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