Monday, August 26, 2019

meat puppets - we don't exist

released: 1994
label: london records

what i've brought to you today,folks,is a single by the meat puppets that was only released in australasia (which isn't a place the band pelican made up,by the way). the difference between this here version and the other version is that there's a live version of "lake of fire" included on it.

so why don't you just jump on into it.
this single.
not the lake of fire.
unless that's your thing.
but before doing all of that you're going to have to sign this piece of paper stating that you're doing it under your own volition.
believe it or not: there is such a thing as too many screaming and crying mothers.

1 - we don't exist (remix)
2 - lake of fire (live)
3 - we don't exist (album version)
4 - el paso city (marty robbins cover)


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