Monday, April 29, 2019

radioactiveman - growl

released: 2008
label: control tower

by a show of hands....
who remembers the 90s?
who remembers the electronic music from the 90s?
aka "electronica".
it's ok,bros.
even though you have that beard and that black t-shirt with whatever band on it,it's still ok to admit to liking some of it.
i did.
i still do.
i'll still put on the prodigy's THE FAT OF THE LAND or portishead's PORTISHEAD or massive attack's MEZZANINE or whale's WE CARE or the chemical brothers' DIG YOUR OWN HOLE or dj shadow's ENDTRODUCING or anything by bjork or aphex twin.

and yes.
i'm well aware that there are more than a few genres mentioned up there but they all essentially fall under the heading of "electronic music".
shut up,nerd.

what lead to my liking of the sorts of things mentioned up yonder was weed and headphones. there were many times where i'd get high and just strap on my headphones and go. and sure. it was just an eventual journey to whatever foods i'd had handy but at least that journey had a decent soundtrack.

yeah yeah.
i'm know that i'm rambling.
you're either going to give this a try or you're not going to give this a try.
that's up to you.
but i'd also like you to take notice of the fact that nowhere in all of these words did i make mention of moby (well. other than that and that's more than enough.).
that's gotta mean something,yeah?
friends don't let friends listen to moby.
remember that one time moby got beat up by a bunch of hardcore kids back in the day?


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