Tuesday, April 23, 2019

black sabbath - black sabbath deluxe edition disc 2

released: 2009
label: warner bros. records

we should already be well aware of who black sabbath were/are.
we should all remember where we were the first time we heard black sabbath.
i was in the 5th grade and it was the song "electric funeral".
i'd borrowed PARANOID on cassette from a friend of mine.
black sabbath was the gateway drug because after all of that how was i supposed to just go back to listening to whatever i was listening to at the time?
and then came iron maiden.
and then came metallica.
and then came slayer.
and then came death.
etc. etc. etc.
and let me tell you: my parents were thrilled.
good times.

1 - evil woman (don't you play your games with me)
2 - black sabbath (studio outtake)
3 - black sabbath (instrumental)
4 - the wizard (studio outtake)
5 - behind the wall of sleep (studio outtake)
6 - n.i.b. (alternative version)
7 - evil woman (alternative version)
8 - sleeping village (intro)
9 - warning (pt.1)

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