Sunday, December 2, 2018

Grizzlor - 5 Wasted Years

Label: self released
Year: 2018

Still in the headache-inducing throes of the "Best Of 2018" list making mode (it is still 2018, isn't it?) and still having to make Sophie's Choices all over the dang place to whittle my list down to a manageable number (still being determined).
Grizzlor hit the chopping block today. Unfortunately for them(?), but fortunately for you, cause now you're listening to it now. Hopefully. You should.
This is only three songs, and apparently they were written and recorded and kinda "released" back in 2013. Five years ago. Get it? But, for reasons only distinguishable to the gentlemen (lowercase "g", mind you) in Grizzlor, this year they decided to drag the material out of the proverbial gutter and re-record it. 2018 style. Five years later. Get it?
If you do get it, you should get it. Total power thud noise rock that seems to have true north in AC/DC's older works. Meaning, it gross and heavy, and out of control, and most definitely not suitable for the elderly, but, it has a wink and a smile. And alcoholism. I'm guessing.
I'm saying there is something Australian sounding about Grizzlor that belies their Connecticut mailing address. Australian like King Snake Roost, Feedtime, Lubricated Goat...not INXS. Their spirit animal is that dingo that ate your baby.


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