Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Rival Schools - United In New York - Live 04-04-01

Label: bootleg
Year: 2001

Haven't been on a Walter Schreifels jag in a minute or two, but as I was digging out Christmas decorations in the attic I looked in a storage bin I haven't looked into in awhile, and lo and behold....I saw this recording in a spindle of burned CDs. And now we're here. Christmas decorations will just have to wait.
This show is from the early days of the first incarnation of the band, prior to the release of their first album, and split ep with Onelinedrawing. The songs played are from that first lp, with a few "unknowns" thrown in (one of which, the first one, I recognize, but cannot put my finger on the name, and the last one is called 'Accept The Compliment'). Sound quality is a B-, a little murky, but if you know then you know, and that's cool. Or, cool-ish.
For my money (which is currently up to about $217 if anyone asks) Rival Schools are just as good as Quicksand. Which I realize is heresy in certain circles, but what kind of squares operate in those circles anyway? Certainly Rival Schools wasn't the immediate visceral thrill that Quicksand was, but goddamn, these songs have aged every bit as well, and Wally Biscuits' penchant for an earworm melody is such a gift. So, whatever, but I'd be just as excited to see these dudes back at it as much as I was about Quicksand. But, what do I know?

Onward to Xmas.


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