Saturday, October 27, 2018

Obnox - Templo del Sonido

Label: Monofonus / Astral
Year: 2018

Here's a true confession: I keep a running list on my phone of records released during the year, categorized as either "Yes", "Maybe", or "No". Meaning, when December rolls around and I try and pull a Best Of list out of my (sweet, sweet) ass, then I have notes to refer to. I'll have less of a chance to forget something that came out in January that I listened to nonstop for three months, but haven't revisited for a minute.
Pretty smart, huh?
Or sad.
This Obnox record has been on the "Maybe" list for a good minute, but I'm pretty certain it's not going to make the final cut. Lots of competition this year folks. And, while it's a really cool album, it's not one that I crave to hear. My ears are not sophisticated enough I suppose. This one is free jazz as performed by someone who hates jazz (not sure if Lamont Thomas hates jazz or not...but I'm trying to set a scene here), and who has some "stuff" they need to "work out" at a "high volume".
Not for the faint of heart.


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