Friday, October 5, 2018

Capricorns - Ruder Forms Survive

Label: Rise Above
Year: 2005

Why let some barking dog get in the way of your good (bad) time? Capricorns don't fuck with no damn dogs, and they seem positively optimistic.
Truth be told, Capricorns will, on occasion "fuck with a damn dog" and allow some vocals into the mix, as evidenced on the third track here, which features a top dog, Eugene Robinson(of Oxbow). So, I just wanted you to be aware.
Dogs aside, Capricorns specialize in a real real potent version of instrumental heavy wallop, that works on wave after wave of gross sludgy riff after gross sludgy riff, with a math-y kind of aftertaste, set off by the occasional quiet interlude. I mean, your mom is going to say, "turn off that heavy metal". But you're mom is probably a cunt who couldn't tell the difference between American Heritage and Old Man Gloom (no offense to your mom), so she should respectfully shut the fuck up about what's going on in the sanctity of your bedroom (ever consider moving out though? For real?).

If you want something heavy, that isn't stupid, this is a good one.


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