Friday, April 27, 2018

Enemymine - Enemymine ep

Label: K
Year: 1999

I thought we had posted this one before, but I looked and don't see it. Which means my senility is reaching critical mass, or I've overestimated the depth and breadth of this blog (that's what she said).

This band is one of a series of bands that Mike Kunka has bass guitar'd his nards off in to great critical acclaim (at least, this one critic I know). You'll remember him from Godheadsilo, Dead Low Tide, and Smoke and Smoke. For Enemymine he is joined on bass (a second bass, not simultaneous two-man-one-bass styled action) by Zak Sally, who was in Low and The Hand, and on drums by Danny Sasaki of Jackie O Motherfucker and Mocket fame(?). Together Enemymine has bits and pieces from each of those other projects; moments of moody instrumental passages, dark, noisy indie rock, and over driven blasting metallic noise rock. Variety is the spice of...the Indian Subcontinent? I forget.


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