Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Easy Prey - Teeth

Label: self released
Year: 2018

No doubt both (maybe all three...fingers crossed?) of the Shiny Grey Monotone superfans will recognize Easy Prey as a band I thought I had discovered in 2017, only to rightfully discover that much like Christopher Columbus and his syphllis-ridden search for the Northern Passage, Easy Prey had already been discovered a year earlier. So, they were not allowed in the coveted Best Of 2017 (bet they are pretty crushed).
Well, holla atcha boy, it's 2018, Easy Prey have a bona fide 2018 release on the shelves, and we're STILL supposed to be celebrating that scourge of the Arawak peoples...Christopher "Can't Read A Map" ColumbASS?! Life is a fucked up roller coaster. We need a band like Easy Prey to come along and drop the hammer on us. We need the unrelenting truncheon strikes to the throat that Easy Prey traffic in.
The last record we (I...us) heard from the band was only two songs, and it belied their Austin roots in a very Johnboy kinda way. It was noise rock ridden hard into the red. On this record there's less of an Austin foundation and more of a Hydra Head circa 1998 foundation. Cable and Vent type hardcore damage that roars and indiscriminatly lashes out. The noise rock is still there in the staggering bass pulse, and bulging eye rhythms, but it's run through Matt Bayles' production, which establishes a baseline swarming heaviness and doesn't let up for the duration.
Appears this is on cassette for now, but hopefully a proper album release soon? Highly recommended.


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