Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Burn - The Last Great Sea

Label: Revelation
Year: 2002

Is it true that these three songs were recorded as a demo for Roadrunner Records (and not Hawker Records?! Blasphemous!) just as the band were to splinter for the first time? Somebody should ask somebody.
Regardless, these three songs mark the final showing of the original lineup of Chaka, Gavin, Alan, and Alex. Chaka would pop back up in Orange 9mm, Gavin in Pry, Alan in Quicksand, and Alex…somewhere. Probably. I don’t know. Musically, Burn could manage to weave together bits and pieces from every corner of underground NY to forge an unmatched amalgam of traditional hardcore, disjointed noise rock, heavy rock and roll, groove driven metal(?), and far flung exotic flavors, but kept the whole thing tight as a drum. Still doing it now, as good as ever…mixing and matching different elements into a signature style, that is…they even made the highly coveted Shiny Grey Monotone ‘Best of 2017’…basically the highest honor in the game. Ask the same person you inquire about the Hawker Records thing to.

Glad Revelation got around to releasing these tracks 10 years after the fact, since apparently Roadrunner wasn’t biting (should of gone Haaaaaaaawkerrrrr).

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