Saturday, December 2, 2017

v/a - our band could be your life: a tribute to d boon and the minutemen

label: little brother records
released: 1996

it's some bands that you like covering a band that you like.

this was posted by the guy that isn't me a few years back.
and this is what he said:

"Let's start by me telling you this, and it might rub you the wrong way...but..."I don't think the Minutemen were all that great". They were "fine" I guess. And maybe I was too stupid to "get it", or whatever, but ultimately they did and/or do, very little for me. They have a handful of really good songs, and a bunch of alright songs, and fair amount of shitty songs. Not a bad record per se, just not essential to these ears.
A lot of people are way into the Minutemen, and think they were very "important" or something to that extent, and that's fine, I'm sure they are very important to some folks. No one here is saying they're no good, or that they didn't contribute to this or that, or that we can't collectively respect what they accomplished in their time on earth.
I just like fIREHOSE better, that's all."

and you probably remember seeing the aftermath of all that on the news.
it was like that one scene in APOCALYPSE NOW where everything is all quiet and they're just on the boat sailin' along and reading the letters and whatnot from home....

we still can't seem to get the stink out of the office.

when it comes down to it: i prefer the minutemen.
that's right.
i said it.
did fIREHOSE write "little man with a gun in his hand"?
did fIREHOSE write "the anchor"?
did fIREHOSE get chosen to provide the theme song to JACKASS?
does fIREHOSE have a tribute album?
no and no and no and no.
you want to fight about it?
you'll just have to track me down.
and in order for that to happen you're going to have to pay the $5 for the map of bushes in your town.
or maybe you could just wait in the bushes outside your house.
i might show up.
i might not show up.
i could be in the bush that you're standing in right now.

the listing of the tracks


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suicideofthescorpion said...

Incredible. Thank you so much! I agree on all points except one: I once saw Firehose joined on stage by Butthole Surfers' Paul Leary to perform Revolution Part Two from Pioughd. A great song from a pretty bad album and the only high point of a pretty terrible concert lineup (Firehose, Butthole Surfers, Stone Temple Pilots).

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