Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Superchunk - Tossing Seeds (Singles 89-91)

Label: Merge
Year: 1992

For those that keep up with this blog (hi Mom!), you may have previously been aware that I take things of North Carolinian origin quite seriously. Bordering on unnecessarily serious. Reckless even.
You may have also been previously aware that in my frequent (also unnecessary, and reckless) compulsion to rank the musical output of the Tarheel State, Superchunk gets left out of the top echelon of bands, the rarefied air I keep reserved for many of their contemporaries (hearts to you, Archers of Loaf, Raymond Brake, Polvo, Small, Pipe, Erectus Monotone, and on and on).
You are paying attention? Right? Mom?
So, what is it about Superchunk that they are can't quite crack the illustrious bowels of my personal favorites? Are they bad?
No. Of course not (and my bowels are pretty great too..if you're curious). Superchunk, had they lived in some other college town, anywhere else, would have been "the best band in town" (except maybe in Madison, WI, or Athens, GA, or Austin, TX, or...), and they would find themselves rubbing elbows with the Top Ten bands of that particular town's nerdy-ass bloggers list. They were a good band. They played fun, amped up, punky pop songs (please note: not pop-punk, but punky pop...there is a real distinction with actual consequences). Their shows were fun, and loud, and energetic.They were a good band.
And I want to give them their due, here. Which is why I offer up an anthology of some of their first records, conveniently collected for easier consumption, including the "hit", 'Slack Motherfucker'. Which incidentally, is a legit "hit".

Hail NC indie rock.




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