Friday, November 17, 2017

v/a - pump up the volume: the complete soundtrack

label: mca records
released: 1990

this isn't the commercially available version of the soundtrack.

a few years back someone had went and combined the movie's score and every song played during the movie and released it.

maybe this could be called: the bigger than a baby's arm version.

don't act as if you haven't seen this movie more than a dozen times.
you were just looking for some stamps,right?
also: christian slater's hair.

there's been a time in your life where you wanted to have your very own radio station that you'd run out a small room in your parent's basement.
admit it.
but you weren't able to because it was being used for something else and the door was always locked.
and there's 3 locks on that door.
and they didn't let you go into the basement after that one time....

but i digress....

there's been a point in everyone's life where they wanted to have their own radio station so they could show off their kick-ass taste in music.
because you know chicks really dig it when you rant on and on and on about that single from that band that was only released in iceland and that after they split up members of that band went on and started this band and this band and their bassist now plays in this band....


1 - cliff martinez - opening titles
2 - leonard cohen - everybody knows
3 - cliff martinez - parental concern/signs of need
4 - richard hell & the voidoids - love comes in spurts
5 - cliff martinez - snooping in dad's office/school again/saved by the bell
6 - ice-t - girls l.g.b.n.a.f.
7 - descendents - weinerschnitzel
8 - beastie boys - the scenario
9 - cliff martinez - signed serious
10 - cowboy junkies - me and the devil blues*
11 - above the law - freedom of speech
12 - chagall guevara - tale o' the twister
13 - stan ridgway - talk hard
14 - cliff martinez - news of malcolm's suicide/checking the mail
15 - leonard cohen - if it be your will
16 - cliff martinez - harry regrets
17 - cliff martinez - go crazy
18 - bad brains w/ henry rollins - kick out the jams**
19 - cliff martinez - signed confused
20 - pixies - wave of mutilation (uk surf)
21 - sonic youth - titanium expose
22 - cliff martinez - impending meeting/police seize mailbox
23 - peter murphy - i've got a miniature secret camera
24 - cliff martinez - traced phone call
25 - ivan neville - why can't i fall in love
26 - cliff martinez - budding love
27 - cliff martinez - teacher snoops/the fcc arrives/harry goes remote
28 - soundgarden - heretic
29 - cliff martinez - harry & nora
30 - concrete blonde - everybody knows***
31 - (was) not was - hello dad,i'm in jail
32 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.1
33 - urban dance squad - fast lane
34 - cliff martinez - evading fcc pt.2/capture
35 - liquid jesus - stand

*=robert johnson cover
**=mc5 cover
***=leonard cohen cover

Pt. 1

Pt. 2

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biopunk said...

Thanks for this

(And for reminding me that I did want to have my very own radio station that I'd run out a small room in my parent's basement)

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