Monday, November 13, 2017

v/a - bring you to your knees: a tribute to guns n' roses

label: law of inertia
released 2004

i'm going to need you to admit something to me.
i'm going to need you to admit that you've listened to APPETITE FOR DESTRUCTION and liked it.
i'm going to need you to admit that while listening to it you stood in front of a floor length mirror and did "the axl".
come on now.
you know what that is.
would it help you to know that once upon a time i borrowed a copy of it on cassette from out of a cousin's car?
and then i totally forgot to give it back.
and it's not like she even knew it was gone.
there were so many tapes in that car.
and i wasn't about to borrow anything by winger or cinderella or whatever else that was in there.
not this fella.
so yeah.
as for me ever doing "the axl"....
that may or may not have ever happened.
it all depends on which camera feed you decide to watch.
but we're not here to talk about me,man.
we're here to talk about that copy of USE YOUR ILLUSION II that i see over on that table there.
i see it.
and that just means that there's a copy of USE YOUR ILLUSION I somewhere around here and i'm just not comfortable with being in the same room as all of that business.
good day,citizen.
i'm on my way to the bandana store.

1 - zombie apocalypse - welcome to the jungle
2 - haste - you're crazy
3 - vaux - 14 years
4 - unearth - it's so easy
5 - break the silence - nightrain
6 - death by stereo - anything goes
7 - most precious blood - sweet child o' mine
8 - time in malta - november rain
9 - the dillinger escape plan - my michelle
10 - eighteen visions - paradise city
11 - every time i die - i used to love her
12 - god forbid - out ta get me
13 - bleeding through - rocket queen
14 - the beautiful mistake - estranged



Tore Nielsen said...

I own and like that mother.

Jeremy Watson said...

Outside of the 18v, etid, dep, and zombie apocalypse tracks, this is exceptionally terrible

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