Thursday, November 9, 2017

thee oh sees - 11.25.16 - kexp - seattle,wa

"back in my day they called themselves the thee oh sees and they'd only released 110 albums" -someone in 5 years.

john dwyer is a man of many things.
he's played in the coach whips.
he's played in pink and brown.
he runs the castle face label.
he can make his guitar sound like both early pink floyd and black sabbath.
need convincing of that?
listen to the version of "sticky hulks" found here.
that gargantuan riff will put hair on your chest even if you're not suppose to have hair there.
and then listen to "gelatinous cube".
he brings things out of his guitar that greg ginn wishes hs could.
what does greg ginn have to do with any of this?
nothing really.
i just wanted to say it.
i say alot of things.


as for the other 2 guys....
dan rincon's drumming is perfect.
tim hellman's bass playing is perfect.

the psych rock nirvana?
who knows.
that's why the "?" is there.

1 - i come for the mountain
2 - tidal wave
3 - the dream
4 - sticky hulks
5 - gelatinous cube
6 - encrypted bounce


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