Wednesday, November 29, 2017

sugartooth - the sounds of solid

label: DGC
released: 1997

once upon a time there was a band that had gone futon shopping. and when they went to go and bring the brand new futon back home the old futon didn't like it. it didn't like it one bit. it was always trying to get the new futon to do things that it didn't want to do. they robbed a gas station once. you probably heard about it on the news. it had gotten to the point where the new futon was scared for its life. it wasn't sleeping. it wasn't eating. it couldn't even take a shower unless someone was sitting on the toilet. so the band decided that they needed to sell the old futon. sure. they'd had alot of fun together. they'd watched their first adult movie together. they'd discovered that they all liked having maple syrup spilled on themselves. and then there were the things that are written in that diary with the lock on it that no one likes to talk about. so they sold the futon and wrote a song about it and buried the diary in an undisclosed location. the end.

what had started out as a band weaned on soundgarden went into a somewhat different direction once their drummer (joey castillo) left to go and play with danzig (even though the credit goes to agent orange drummer dusty watson he shows up on this album in some spots. as does a drum machine.)

and rumor has it that the old futon is somewhere out there. so the next time you let your futon out to run around in the yard just be sure to keep a close eye on it.


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