Tuesday, November 7, 2017

joy division - 1.18.80 - effenaar - eindhoven,the netherlands

you already know about joy division.
but listening to this version of "dead souls" and hearing a longer intro there's a reason for that....

apparently there was a wandering band of hooligans making their way through the audience causing shenanigans and it made the band nervous.

did you know about that?
feel free to share that bit of information at your next dinner party.
and by "dinner party" i mean "when you open the can of food for your cat this evening."
i've been meaning to have a talk with you about that.
i know what you've been wondering.
it doesn't taste anything like what you'd think it would taste like.
i know what the can says.
you're cat isn't eating better than you.
just stick with your sandwich.

1 - love will tear us apart
2 - digital
3 - new dawn fades
4 - colony
5 - these days
6 - ice age
7 - dead souls
8 - day of the lords
9 - autosuggestion
10 - shadowplay
11 - she's lost control
12 - transmission
13 - interzone
14 - atmosphere


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