Tuesday, October 10, 2017

nuclear rabbit - more human

label: beach recordings
released: 2000

remember mp3.com?
once upon a time there was a website that you could go to and there would be all kinds of bands.
bands you'd possibly heard of.
bands you'd possibly never heard of.
and you could download their musics.
and that's just what i would do.
i'd had multiples cds filled with stuff.
and that's where i'd discovered nuclear rabbit.

what can be said about some nuclear rabbit.....
the first thing that'll come to mind is "hey. these here fellers like them some mr. bungle."
but that's ok.
this is more SELF-TITLED mr. bungle than anything released after SELF-TITLED mr. bungle.
but still mr. bungle-like nonetheless.
mr. bungle.
and primus.
and maybe some fishbone.
that sounds about right.




winston95 said...

Huge. I never heard of these fuckers until 10/10/17. A day that will live in infamy. I've since scoured for all their shit. Thanks be upon you.

phil said...

hey there, any chance of fresh links for this nuclear rabbit, and the mighty jesus lizard? the 20 yrs of dischord links are also kaput...
many thanks!

phil said...

many, many thanks for fixing them thar links

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