Friday, October 6, 2017

lungfish - 12.5.03 - empty bottle - chicago,il

you've been coming around these parts for awhile now.
you know about lungfish.
and i know that i say that alot.
i say it because you wander around with a lost look on your face.
a look that says "i went out for ice cream. i told them i'd be right back. that was 1989. is it still 1989? what's 1989? iced cream?"

if you like practically anything released on dischord records....

and some quotes from others that wander around here as well:

"this shit is fucking scary . in a good way of course. open your cranium." -anonymous

"it is fucking scary. like an angel telling you shit you know is true but you can't understand." -anonymous

"if you ever wanted to have something in common with your cool/hip/happening english teacher...this is a good place to start" -ipecac

"quit listening to this music and fucking turn in your assignment. that's right. i used that word. who is going to believe you? i'm wearing a sweater vest and a tie and carry around a copy of LORD OF THE FLIES. no one who does such things would think to stoop to the level of using the word "fucking". see? i've done it again. oh my. oh. my. and now if you'll excuse me i have to and look for something in the janitor's closet with this issue of PROPER GIRLS IN SWEATER VESTS SPEAKING SLANG." -my high school english teacher

1 - spheres of influence
2 - indivisible
3 - child of chaos
4 - love is love
5 - this world
6 - vulgar theories
7 - signpost
8 - unfold the leg
9 - jonah
10 - lay yourself aside
11 - fearfully and wonderfully
12 - well alright
13 - yellow sun
14 - no false suns
15 - armageddon
16 - you did not exist


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