Tuesday, October 31, 2017

fear factory - soul of a new machine

label: roadrunner
released: 1992

here's a fun story that you can share the next time you're standing around the water cooler at work: fear factory had their song "replica" from the DEMANUFACTURE album included on the THE OZZFEST LIVE compilation back in 1997. shut up! like you didn't own it! like you've never been to one! fuck off! where you going? i'm not done with my story. you will stand there until i'm done! gloria! you sit the fuck down! you sit the fuck down right now! now where was i? oh yeah. right before they launch into the song their singer is all like "fuck mtv!" fuck yeah,right? wrong. the band later went on to play an mtv sponsored sporting event. yeah. they played while some wrasslers from the wcw did their wrasslin' thing during their spring break shindig back in 1999. i know,right? fucking kid rock was even there. they played "shock" and "edgecrusher" and "descent" off of the OBSELETE album. look that shit up on youtube,bro."

and then security showed up and you had to escape via one of the stairwells and then you went home and pulled the duffle bag out of the secret spot you'd made in the floor in the in the hallway closet. everything was there. the money. the fake mustache. the 70s cop sunglasses. but before your leave the apartment you go to the refrigerator and take out the last bottle of yoohoo. no one gets the yoohoo. no one but you. fuck you,society. fuck you.


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