Thursday, October 5, 2017

ashes - hiding place

label: network sound
released: 1994

as you lay there on the pull out couch you use as a bed you find yourself really wanting a yoohoo. but you drank the last one last night while you were watching skate videos. but you really want one. so you're going to have to take a ride down to the gas station. and that means getting out of bed. and that means having to get dressed. you could probably just put on the same "this is not a fugazi shirt" shirt and khaki shorts you wore yesterday. yeah. you really want that yoohoo. maybe the chick with the nose ring will be working. she seemed to like the shirt. thought it was funny. yeah. so you roll out of bed and plant your feet on the floor and you look around the room. so many copies of PUNK PLANET and MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL and HeartattaCk and SLUG AND LETTUCE. you need more shelfs in here. and when did you buy that into another album? you slide your foot over and nudge the case to quicksand's SELF-TITLED. and then you look at the wall at the head of your bed. yeah. you should probably take that promo poster for snapcase's LOOKINGLASSELF down. it always freaks you out for some reason when you wake up in the middle of the night having to go to the bathroom. damn you,yoohoo. and then you reach for your shorts....

and scene.


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