Saturday, October 28, 2017

agress - 2009 demo

label: self released
released: 2009

once upon a time there was a band called agress. they were from cedar falls,ia. they've since split up and members went on to play in bands with the names black ice and lover's speed.

during their time as agress i managed to see them once. i'd put on a show that went down in jefferson,sd back in 2009. that's where i'd picked this up. yes. jefferson,sd at their community center. i was living in south dakota at the time though not in jefferson. there was a band that i'd been acquainted with at the time called tree. they were from sioux city,ia which was about 15 miles from jefferson and they'd played shows there from time to time so they hooked the location up. and now you know the story of the location. and as far as i know the community center has been closed down.

as for agress....
my first thought was "oh man! their singer has a thundercats belt buckle! sweet!". and then came the sounds. they played for roughly 30 minutes. "they could be best described as someone approaching a brick wall and bashing their body into until they made it through to the other side". that's what someone said. i was that someone. surprised? yeah. and then thoughts of bands like 16 and unsane and deadguy came to mind. and if i had been aware of the band nails back then they would've crossed my mind as well.

and with all of that being said i think that i've given you all of the information you need.
now go.
do what needs to be doing.

what are you still doing here?
what do you want?
let's just say that i could visit the corn palace and i'd been to shows in sioux falls.


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