Tuesday, September 12, 2017

v/a - initial records: worst label ever

label: initial records
released: ?

sampler cds are just the best. they're the kick-ass mixtape/cd you didn't make. but you can get all of the accolades. totally. but you've got to make sure that your friends are none the wiser. so maybe try your spiel on one of your grandparents first. sure. they'd love pretty much anything you'd do and you don't really want to lie to them. but are you really lying to them? maybe you are. but these are also the grandparents that would never let you sit up past 9:00pm to watch television while you were spending the night. all you wanted to do was sit on the couch with a bag of chips and watch 120 MINUTES. you weren't going to be bothering anyone. it would be just you on the couch in the basement watching television. at a reasonable volume even. why do your grandparents even have the channel that plays 120 MINUTES in the first place? well. grampa likes to watch the tv and has to have all of the channels. even channels he doesn't even watch. he just has to have them. fucking control freak. and why do they want you in bed before 9:00 anyway? what goes on after you're asleep? remember that one time when you woke up and had to use the bathroom and you looked over at the digital clock before you go out of bed and it was only 10:45 and when you went to turn the knob on the door it wouldn't move? was it locked? what was going on? what was going on out there? and then when you looked through the keyhole there was nothing but blackness staring back at you. but you really had to go to the bathroom. but you were freaked out about all of the possible lovecraftian horrors that could possibly be awaiting you on the other side.....
and this is why the plant your gramma had put in the corner was now dead.
you'd thought it was made of plastic.
and that's why you'll find nothing but plactic plants in this household.
thanks for listening,kids.
it's naptime.

and now this.....

1 - black cross - roll up your sleeves
2 - blood red - peeping tom
3 - blue sky mile - the philosophy of time travel
4 - breather resist - the second half
5 - criteria - the life
6 - harkonen - in tow
7 - helicopter helicopter - harsh light
8 - lords - mouth to mouth
9 - the national acrobat - the raleigh
10 - paulson - a great pretending
11 - roy - t town concrete
12 - peter searcy - spark
13 - ultimate fakebook - when i'm with you,i'm okay
14 - ink & dagger - catch the flashback
15 - le shok - electric digits
16 - the movielife - maybe it's nothing
17 - planes mistaken for stars - depression*
18 - helicopter helicopter - talk the flyer down
19 - blood red - archdiocese
20 - criteria - thickness of the wave
*=black flag cover


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