Tuesday, September 19, 2017

pugs - bite the red knee

label: casual tonalities
released: 1997

i remember seeing this band back in 1997 when they were part of the LOLLAPALOOZA tour. this was the same day that i'd gotten turned onto the band skeleton key as well. i remember also seeing tool (you should never experience tool live during daylight hours. you just shouldn't.) and devo (there was a fella that was "dancing" in front of my friends and i during their entire set. we dubbed him "devo man".) and james (my friends looked at me strangely when i screamed out "she only cums when she's on top" during "laid".) and beck and failure and and and....

i'm not going to reenact the entire day for you.
just know that i went out and bought both skeleton key's FANTASTIC SPIKES THROUGH BALLOON and this album after that day.
good times.

the best way to descibe this album?
if you like the above mentioned skeleton key album or the not so spastic moments of melt banana or some early B52's you'll dig this.
ya dig?
they even cover that one song that pee wee herman dances to.
remember that?
up on the bar?
don't pretend like you've never seen that movie,nerd.


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