Friday, September 15, 2017

endpoint - idiots

label: doghouse records
released: 1992

this is endpoint.
this is endpoint playing some covers.
endpoint were a band from louisville,ky.
you probably already like endpoint.
and now you can find out what endpoint likes.
don't be selfish.
endpoint probably would've liked some of what you liked.
endpoint probably would've liked the fact that you like to walk around your house/apartment wearing only a size XL THE THING t-shirt and eating ice cream sandwiches.
actually they wouldn't.
you really need to be wearing a size XXL t-shirt.
and endpoint do appreciate THE THING and all of it's non CGI magic but don't like the fact that you're prancing about in that tiny t-shirt.
that's right.
i put all of that business out there for everyone to picture.
endpoint probably would appreciate that.
see what you get for being selfish?
but if'n you were willing to share those ice cream sandwiches....

1 - building (embrace cover)
2 - attitude (misfits cover)
3 - circus of pain (malignant growth cover)
4 - persistent vision (rites of spring cover)


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