Thursday, August 10, 2017

human sexual response - fig. 15

label: eat records
released: 1992

once upon a time there was a band called human sexual response.
and now that's something you know.
share it around the water cooler while at work.
i'm pretty sure that no one will mind.
no one pays attention to you at work anyway.
you're only there to provide forms of sustenance to whomever has been taking your brown bag out of the refrigerator in the break room.
the one clearly mark with your name on it in big black letters written in permanent marker.
but it's not permanent.
is it?
not to you.
it doesn't matter how much work you put into making that sandwich and then sliding it into a clear plastic bag.
it doesn't matter.
but do you know what does matter?
human sexual response.
and not you know that they existed at one time.
you're welcome.
human sexual response,ladies and gentlemen.

you want to know more?
of course you do.
you seem the curious type.

they were what was considered a "new wave" band.
they were from boston.
they were together for 5 years.
drummer malcolm travis later went on to play with the band sugar.
guitarist rich gilbert played with frank black and the catholics
as for the other folks: i'm sure that they're out there accomplishing something.
apparently the band is set to reform and play at the house of blues in boston this coming november 3rd.

a suggestion: maybe before putting your lunch into the refrigerator at work perhaps you could try urinating on it. and if that doesn't seem to bring anything to a stop....

get that person's phone number and give it to me.
it's for a friend.
i'll see you around the orifice.


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Russell Emerson Hall said...

The record before this one, In A Roman Mood, is WAAAAY better than this. I just got rid of this record but kept IARM. Just sayin...

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