Saturday, July 15, 2017

Genki Genki Panic - Litanies Of Surf

Label: self released
Year: 2017

We will always pay tribute here to our friend Chris (last name withheld for legal reasons) and his Chattanooga based musical misadventures, as they are always weird and different and fun. He's yet to disappoint (musically that is...I'm sure his parents would tell you different).
This time around the surf/horror/shit show of Genki Genki Panic manage to sound simultaneously more polished and professional AND more ripping-ly noisy. The songs bounce around from campy surf to creepy crawl amateur haunted house (meaning the haunted house is run by amateurs, and therefore dangerously out of code, not that the music is amateurish), to spaced out Persian shorebreak, to a teasing glimpse into Chris' noise rock past pedigree. The underlying current (the undertow?) is still surf music, but the band continues a trajectory away from traditional Del-Tones sounds, passing by Man-Or-Astroman on the way, and onto some new amalgam of reverb-y strangeness. Like, who says you can't flirt with black metal, or noise rock, or chugging funk (potential new band name...hold up), and still stay true to your mission statement of: Stay creepy, be dank at all costs.



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