Thursday, June 29, 2017

Breather Resist / Harkonen - Breather Resist + Harkonen split 7"

Label: Happy Couples Never Last
Year: 2004

Four songs that bludgeon their way across your frontal lobe(s) in ten minutes. Breather Resist come across as a noisy roaring thunderstorm that alternately peels paint and smashes holes the wall of your house (or, if you live in a mobile home...well...better get outside to your storm shelter). Harkonen are less meteorological in their path of destruction, and more of an off kilter factory line accident that pulls your arms out of socket. Make sense?
Breather Resist was a Louisville collection of volume mongers that came and went from Young Widows, Black Cross/Black Widows, The National Acrobat, Automatic, Trophy Wives, Black God, and Bad Secrets. Harkonen hailed from Seattle (area) and were equally well stocked with combative musicians that did/do time in Roy, Helms Alee, and Constant Lovers.
If you got down with the heavy Hydra Head strain of noise rock, then this one will do you right. Or wrong, depending on your tolerances.


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