Thursday, February 9, 2017

Oxbow - An Evil Heat

Label: Neurot
Year: 2002

File under: "Upsetting".
Oxbow congealed a lot of different influences and sonic approaches on this, their fifth (and sorta "comeback") album, and unleashed a crawling dread that hearkens back to some of the most intense and disconcerting music ever committed to tape. It's the combination of some of the most genuinely unhinged and feral howls of a song mixed with some of the most deftly crafted art rock attack. Songs that creep and stalk, and pry open a window to unleash the killing winds of a pitch black midnight storm. Never celebratory, never elated, always plotting. The soundtrack to discovering your girlfriend was cheating on you the whole time.
I think this record represents the band's creative apogee, in a oeuvre that is honestly beyond reproach, with it's restless creativity and menacing cloud. All of Oxbow's albums are essential, and they show no real signs of mellowing, but for a starting point, 'An Evil Heat' is not to be missed.



post-felix said...

Nadir means "low point". You mean apex?

Not being rude, honestly interested if this is indeed the album to start with or if I'm looking for a different one!

Gray said...

That's embarrassing, but good catch! I meant to say "apogee", and have since edited. Not sure where my brain was last night when I typed this up.

Indeed, this is the record you need to provide entry into the warped world of Oxbow. It runs a wide gamut of awesome shit...not "nice", but awesome.

Thanks for pointing out the edit!

Taralezh said...

I can absolutely not pick one Oxbow album that I think topped the other, they all share the same brilliance

Excited as hell for Thin Black Duke.. fucking 10 years of waiting

Anonymous said...

this band is top level one of my faves of all. and eugene is a very nice dude (if you are on his good side). can't wait for the new one. love, phil.

dgen said...

From all the interviews I have seen, Eugene seems like he would be a fun person to have a brew with.

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