Saturday, January 7, 2017

Blacklisters - Belt Party 7"

Label: Childhoodsweatheart
Year: 2010

The cover has a very Big Black feel to it, no?
Sonically though there isn't a pronounced Big Black feel to the three songs included, but I would imagine Chicago noise rock is in Blacklisters' record collection. Sonically I hear more of a mid to late 90's spazzy emo skuzz as translated by a band who (thankfully) have a solid grasp on The Jesus Lizard. So, it's noise rock, but noise rock that gets a little wild and wooly, and would most likely break a lamp in your living room whilst playing. It would no doubt have been an accident, and they would probably give you a shirt and a record to make up for your loss, I mean, they aren't assholes you know. Just guys who go balls-to-the-wall on occasion, which is totally acceptable under the right circumstances.


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Anonymous said...

Good noise rock assault from Leeds (!)

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